InTrans Advanced

InTrans AdvancedIdeal for companies requiring intelligent fleet management, driver behaviour and a diagnostics solution for remote and live tracking of their assets, using a multitude of vehicle environment interfaces including:

  • Standard CANBUS and OBD
  • Driver identification
  • Serial communication with third party devices
  • Discrete analog and frequency measurement ports
  • Voice channel

The InTrans Advanced uses a flexible connected intelligence approach for CAN data aggregation, filtering, processing and event triggering. Extended features include security capabilities, basic and advanced driver behaviour (GPS-based), accident logging, recording and reconstruction.

Real-Time and On-Board Triggering Logic

The InTrans Advanced filters real-time data based on a vehicle’s sensors and data received from the unit, triggers logic based on the rules defined via the CAN Editor and, as a result, generates events which are sent to the back-end and/or operate its I/Os.

Track your assets. Minimise costs. Improve efficiency.

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Direct connectivity and data analytics for the vast majority of vehicle data buses and interfaces, enabling a wide range of applications driven by the vehicle CANBUS data.

Supports the following standards:

  • OBDII (ISO 15765, ISO 14229)
  • CAN2.0 (ISO 11898, J1939, FMS)

Supports the following hardware platforms:

  • 2G/3G (EU, NA)
  • Advanced multi-GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) with cut off/short-circuit detection
  • Multi-purpose 1-wire (Dallas port)
  • Digital Tachograph (DTCO): D8 serial data output info link in addition to remote company card authentication and remote data downloading
  • Interface with the Bluetooth Extender accessory – supporting Bluetooth classic communication with ELD devices and BLE communication with the MultiSense devices.

Variety of embedded algorithms for calculating total fuel consumption in a trip, based on different available CAN parameters, leading to increased ROI realization.

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) reporting logic over supported CANBUS protocol.

Flexible and configurable manoeuvre and trip scoring logic. Includes on-board ECO and safety scores trip calculation, and online & real-time driver feedback display.

Professional Services (CAN libraries) – Data inTrans offers complementary vehicle libraries, which include vehicle models and parameters sampled by our field engineering team. The libraries are updated and published on a monthly basis. Data InTrans professional services also include the configuration of the device’s data collection and triggering logic according to your defined use case and for quick time to market.

[1] Remote data downloading is a future development


Fuel Management

Easy, low-cost monitoring of the fuel tank, including fuel consumption rate, detection of fuel frauds (fuel syphoning), improved management of refuelling time and place (gas station prices), accurate measurement of fuel efficiency, and so on.

Fleet Efficiency

Fleet managers can easily monitor driver behaviour and improve their driving and vehicle operation skills in real-time by applying training plans. These plans can dramatically influence fuel usage and also reduce vehicle maintenance, thus increasing the fleet operational efficiency. Examples of related events: long brake presses; starting engine with the acceleration pedal pressed; and faulty use of air retarder.

Fleet and Driver Safety

The InTrans Advanced enables flexible and configurable manoeuvre and trip scoring logic, including on-board trip ECO and safety scores calculation, and online, real-time driver feedback display leading to increased driver safety. Examples of related events: Driver seat belt unbuckled; hard right/left turn; driving when ESP lamp is on.

Proactive Vehicle Maintenance & Remote Diagnostics

Real-time vehicle performance profiling, including engine temperature, oil pressure, tire pressure, emission and fuel consumption are sent to the back-end with the DTC reporting in order to facilitate preventive maintenance. This enables an immediate reaction upon failure detection and dramatically reduces repair costs. In addition, it allows the workshop to receive advance data regarding the vehicle’s health status and in turn, helps fine-tune the periodic maintenance work. Furthermore, it facilitates the daily vehicle checklist which is usually done by the driver and now can be partially or fully automated. Examples of related events: deviation from engine coolant.

Add-On Accessory

BT Extender

The BT Extender serves as a Bluetooth dual mode gateway to RS232, supporting the wireless communication channels between the InTrans Advanced device an other devices with BT/BLE capabilities:

  • BT Classic – supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP), enabling the usage of any device supporting BT SPP, such as smartphones and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).
  • BLE Mode- supports the communication channel between the InTrans Advanced and the MultiSense devices, which include a range of internal embedded sensors that create a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and sense temperature, relative humidity (in the MultiSense TH model), light, freefall, impact, movement, orientation change, door status, and more.

Track your assets. Minimise costs. Improve efficiency.

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Intrans Advanced

$385per device
  • $19.95 / monthly
  • Direct connectivity and data analytics for the vast majority of vehicle data buses and interfaces
  • LTE CATM1/NB1/2G
  • Advanced multi-GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) with cutoff/short-circuit detection
  • Interface with the Bluetooth Extender accessory – supporting Bluetooth communication with ELD and MultiSense devices
  • Variety of embedded algorithms for calculating a trip’s total fuel consumption, based on different available CAN parameters, resulting in increased ROI realization
  • K-Line vehicle interface and CAN interface can work simultaneously
  • Real-time and on-board Triggering Logic – The Cello-CANiQ filters real-time data based on the vehicle’s sensors and data it captures
  • OBDII, CAN2.0, K-Line