Trailer Check

Trailer Check has been designed as a safety system, validating the coupling between prime mover and semi-trailer.

Trailer Check advises the driver of the coupling connection status by both visible and audible confirmation.

Trailer Check records and stores data, allowing investigation of sensor coupling history. The Trailer Check system has achieved consistent reliability with well over 500,000 coupling connections by two of Australia’s major logistics providers.

Trailer Check has the capacity to provide warning signals for use by telematics systems.

1. Why Trailer Check?

  • It will fit any truck and turntable
  • An ultrasonic alert sensor is in place in case truck is too low
  • It speeds up the coupling process, saving time

2. How it works

When a prime mover or terminal tractor is reversed under the trailer, it triggers a red warning light and a buzzer commences sounding. This indicates the prime mover ride height matches the trailer skid plate height before proceeding to connect.

When all the sequences are accurately completed, the driver will see a green light and the buzzer will stop sounding.

3. How Trailer Check helps

Equipment monitoring:

  • Records and stores sensor status data in data logger for up to 20 days

Track your assets. Minimise costs. Improve efficiency.

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