Without a clear idea of what’s happening in the field, you may be missing opportunities to increase productivity and reduce costs.


Fuel Management

How do you manage fuel consumption across your widely distributed assets? Use DiT for easy, low-cost monitoring of the fuel tank including:

  • Fuel consumption rate
  • Detection of fuel frauds (fuel syphoning)
  • Improved management of refuelling time and place
  • Accurate measurement of fuel efficiency

fuel management

fleet management

Fleet Efficiency

Monitor driver behaviour and improve driving and vehicle operation skills in real-time by applying training plans. Dramatically influence fuel usage and reduce vehicle maintenance with training in:

  • Long brake presses
  • Starting engine with the acceleration pedal pressed
  • Faulty use of air retarder

Proactive Vehicle Maintenance & Remote Diagnostics

Real-time vehicle performance profiling, including:

  • Engine temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Tyre pressure


Track your assets. Minimise costs. Improve efficiency.

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