Trailer Check Coupling Validation System

The Patented Trailer Check is a heavy vehicle coupling safety system. Trailer Check Validates a correctly coupled turntable with visual and audible confirmations.

Trailer Check advises the driver on the status of turntable coupling connections for semi trailers, B-doubles and road trains. It can be fitted – or retro-fitted – on any brand turntable on prime movers, A-tailers and dollies.

Trailer Check records and stores data, allowing evidence-based investigation of sensor status and coupling history.

An optional Trailer Safety Valve can be fitted, which prevents the driver from departing if a correct coupling has not been achieved.

Why Trailer Check?

Trailer Check is a technically advanced turntable coupling validation system.

Data inTrans offer free of charge assistance with coupling incident investigations to fleet customers.

How it works?

When a prime mover, terminal tractor, A-trailer or dolly or is reversed under the semi trailer, Trailercheck triggers a red warning light and an alarm commences sounding.

Only once all parameters of a correct coupling have been validated, the system will display a green light and the alarm will stop sounding.

Take action, reduce the risks of dropped trailers

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