Specialists in Advanced Telematics & Coupling

How do you ensure the safety of your people and equipment? What’s the best way to monitor high-value assets in the field – keeping costs low and profits high? Data inTrans combines the latest in telematics hardware and cloud technology to solve these challenges.

Get an Accurate Picture

DataInTrans gathers real-time data from advanced tracking devices and delivers it to a state-of-the-art, easy to use and customisable dashboard. Easily see what you have and how it’s being used.

  • device connectionSee real-time data on an easy-to-use dashboard
  • signalGet a 360-degree view of live daily operations and all past activity
  • timelineRely on extremely accurate multi-source data
  • world markerEasily pinpoint asset location using up-to-date high resolution maps
  • speakerSetup advanced notifications and alerts

Optimise Driver Safety

Driver safety is top of mind for Fleet and Asset Managers. Everything from making sure drivers take appropriate rest breaks to ensuring they have their seat belts on.

  • car connectMonitor driver behaviour in real-time
  • analyticsDetect risky behavioural patterns
  • delivery fastImprove driving habits
  • feedbackGet instant results with driver feedback display
  • todoTrack safety scores across your fleet and industry

Keep Costs Down

Don’t guess. Make data-driven decisions to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.

  • fuelTrack fuel consumption on and off-road
  • cctvManage traffic infringement costs by monitoring driver/vehicle usage
  • hourglassReduce idle time
  • disperseDistribute assets to optimise productivity
  • money coinsReduce warranty expenses with component monitoring

Protect Your Investment

It’s hard to know what’s really happening in the field. DataInTrans is peace of mind at your fingertips.

  • boxKeep a close eye on high value goods
  • bellReceive impact and open package alerts
  • storageMeasure temperature and humidity in critical scenarios
  • storageMonitor owned and rented assets
  • trunkTake a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance and remote diagnostics