The merger of Telecommunications with Informatics has resulted in the science of Telematics. The term Telematics itself commonly refers to Vehicle/Asset Telematics. Vehicle Telematics combines the GPS data along with onboard diagnostics information to present decision-making data not just for a single vehicle but the entire fleet. It provides an ocean of data which when combined with effective reporting tools helps clients maximise the utilisation of their fleet while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Usage of Telematics:

Telematics started with the usage tracking of vehicles but has evolved into much more. These days we can track pretty much everything. Some of the common assets that can be tracked using our telematics solution are:

  1. On-Road vehicles such as Utes, cars, etc.
  2. Off-Road vehicles like Rollers, Tractors, Diggers, etc.
  3. Prime movers like Trucks, Semi-trailers, etc.
  4. Ground support equipment at Airports.
  5. Recreational vehicles like Dune Buggies, etc.
  6. Non-powered assets like Trailers, Containers, etc.

Data inTrans Telematics Solutions

A mature Telematics solution like Data inTrans provides a range of benefits to our customers including;

1. Reduced Maintenance Cost: Maintenance functionality of Data Intrans helps in setting up maintenance schedules on all your assets. It gives you alerts on when the assets will be due for service soon or when the assets are overdue. This helps in scheduling of maintenance work on assets, keeping them in good condition thereby reducing the maintenance costs.

2. Get alerts on Emergency/Unusual situations: Data Intrans helps in setting up alerts which send either an email or sms to concerned persons in case of emergency situations like Accident, Device Tamper, Towing, DTC Codes, etc.

3. Monitoring Driver Behaviour: You can monitor the driver behaviour and help your drivers improve driving skills. If a driver of yours has consistently being driving harsh, he can be helped by pre-emptively providing training before an accident occurs.

4. Prevent/Handle Unauthorized Access to Vehicles: Data Intrans solution provides a driver swipe system. If someone tries to move the vehicle without swiping an authorized card at the start of a trip, the buzzer in the car goes off. Simultaneously, an alert is sent to concerned persons. This functionality has a proven record of preventing theft as well as the recovery of stolen assets.

5. Powerful Reporting: Data Intrans comes with an extensive set of standard reports. These reports help the clients in viewing fleet data to plan for the future. If none of the standard reports satisfy your need, we have a powerful custom report functionality which can tailor a report based on your needs.

6. Dashboard: Data Intrans dashboard gives clients a summary of everything that is going on with their assets. It is equipped with widgets which help clients in viewing real-time data related to their assets.

7. Tracking: This functionality helps a user in viewing the current location of all its assets as well as letting the user re-create the routes an asset has taken in the past.

8. Secure Cloud-based platform: Each client’s data is their own and no other person can access it. The Data Intrans solution is based on the cutting-edge cloud based platform which is both secure and highly scalable.

9. Asset Utilisation: Clients use our asset utilisation report to identify under/over utilisation of assets, thereby helping them move their assets among different projects to ensure an even utilisation.

The Data inTrans solution provides an extensive set of standard features. It is also flexible enough to accommodate customisation based on our client’s needs.